June 2017, Week 4

+ counter attacks and first strikes in
+ pathfinding accounts for troops as obstacles now
+ more animations
- no demo for demoday

June 2017, Week 3

+ some shaders for glyphs
- everytime I go to do a new feature I'm compelled to refactor
+ my codebase is looking pretty good now
- demoday looms

June 2017, Week 2

+ lightened everything
+ more anims, gave existing anims more frames
+ figured out how the base combat will work
- refactoring is boring

June 2017, Week 1

+ all attack anims in
+ basic 'outline' shader, just for telling sides apart for now
+ refactoring
- flip flopping on gameplay design choices

May 2017, Week 3

+ animation
+ pipeline scripting
- isometric sorting is more difficult than I thought. I know I can solve it with even more esoteric rendering and scripting but I don't want to spend too much time on art I'll probably change up anyway

May 2017, Week 2

+ linear algebra
+ sacred geometry
+ esoteric motions
+ tercio tactics
- the thought of animating overrides my building enthusiasm