Thuby's Game

November 2017, Week 2

+ Redid enemy system using scriptable objects
+ Redid combat system with scriptable objects
+ Added Wallmaster (Aka tall guy) he's there to obstruct the player
+ Redid the little guy's sprite.
- So much work...

October 2017, Week 1

+ Changed the colour palette to the Dawnbringer 32 palette.
+ Gave the enemy some nice animations.
+ Started using Unity's new tiling system.
- It's unfinished and complicated to script for it.
- Scrapped the background.
- Still don't know how to make good backgrounds.

September 2017, Week 4

+ Removed old movement in favor of normal 2D movement.
+ Started working on forest backgrounds.
+ Added animations to the player.
+ Added first enemy.
+ Changed screen size to be exactly 18 tiles high and 32 tiles wide.
- Enemy needs animation.
- Forest backgrounds far from finished.

September 2017, Week 2

+ Added keys and doors
+ Added an inventory system
+ Added items
- Don't really know what to do now.
- Don't know how this game will turn out.

August 2017, Week 3

+ Made rough draft of first dungeon
+ Added dart traps
- Going back to overworld from Dungeon 2 is broken.
- Lot's of work to be done.