The Jackal Cor Blaze

November 2017, Week 2

+ Refractored the combat rank code
+ Tweaked combat rank behavior
+ Laid the foundation for customizable hud features
+ Tweaked some sprites
+ Combined the spreadshot with the Burst mode shot
+ Eclipse burst mode shot is now a lot more versatile
+ Pickups now give power instead of energy

November 2017, Week 1

+ A lot of minor tweaks that I can't remember
+ Released a working demo
+ Received some useful feedback
+ A slight change to game's name
- Haven't made any big progress
- 1st level and boss remain unfinished

October 2017, Week 4

+ More menu work
+ Redone the hud a bit
+ New enemy death explosion
+ Reworked some sound effects
- First boss and level still aren't finished

October 2017, Week 3

+ Lots of work on the menus
+ Implemented a basic configuration menu
+ Level select added
+ Lots of small tweaks
- Brain fatigue

October 2017, Week 2

+ Worked quite a bit one the first boss
+ First boss is almost finished
+ Mouse support for main menu
+ Redone some sprites
+ Added typewritter effect for dialogues

October 2017, Week 1

+ More work on the portraits
+ Worked on a first boss sprite
+ Implemented a new enemy
+ Worked on the story a bit

September 2017, Week 4

+ Implemented dialog system
+ Improved the main menu code
+ Re-fractured the weapon handling a bit
+ Worked on the dialogue portraits for the characters
+ Decided on how the 1st boss looks.

September 2017, Week 3

+ New sprite for the blade weapons
+ Redone parts of the hud
+ New design for fodder enemy
+ Implemented a new toggleable shot mode

September 2017, Week 2

+ Started implementing proper UI
+ Worked on sprites and dialog portraits
+ Implemented second playable character
+ Figured out how to do more interesting bullet patterns

September 2017, Week 1

+ Released a Demo
+ Implemented an invincibility state on spawing
- Progress could be faster