November 2017, Week 1

+ implemented rivers
+ fps loss (from 100 to 30) due horizontal cuts(solved bug 100 + fps)
+ camera culling based on camera height
+ water blocks (art)
+ implemented horizontal cuts just like in dwarf fortress.
+ surface holes leading all the way to the bottom. (solved bug)
- Rivers need curves
- BlockSorter needs to be less random.

October 2017, Week 4

+ blockSorter method to determine the BlockType(by height and chance needs planning since this will affect gameplay).
+ grass block textures working properly
+ Camera is moving on Y axis using the mouse wheel;
+ perlin noise for surface
+ remove rendering from inbetween chunks(mesh optimization)
+ terrain Generation
- Needs method implementation to hide y levels of mesh so the player can see underground.
- BlockSorter needs to be less random.