Slime Research

April 2018, Week 1

+ added transparency to vertex color shader
+ slime no longer spazzes out if it gets dented
+ multiple slimes now supported
+ passable slime-on-slime collision
+ slime core can now jump between and control different slimes
+ level exit triggers if only blue slime is at end, with the core inside
+ got the OK to use this as senior design project
- now have to do this as senior design project
- still need to make smarter springs
- still need system to tie levels together

March 2018, Week 5

+ Restarted the project for a 4th time
+ Got the dynamic slime movement code perfected(tm), no more crashes(tm)
+ Made nifty visual effect where slime is colored based on the data itself, plus time-based offsets
+ Edge-detection algorithm for arbitrary graph that handles multiple closed loops
+ Added level end zone
+ Made ok-ish placeholder intro VN with game waifu
- Need level select zone to link end zone, start zones with
- Need to change spring strength based on their offset to combat slime denting, along with other reasons