System GES

July 2018, Week 1

+ Replaced old interaction system with new interaction system
+ Updated the style of the page to be a bit jazzier.
+ Pushed a (fairly short) submission to DD21 for people to enjoy.
+/- Had to remove parts of the game in order to make the DD21 build temporarily. Will have to reconnect and reimplement portions of them.
- New interaction system has some bugs, including messing up the menu navigation script and not displaying 'it's locked' type messages when things are locked. (Nor playing the 'it's locked' sound)
- Some of the audio mixing is messed up? Still investigating.

June 2018, Week 3

+ Tutorial half-implemented
+ Resolved problem with mass object state changer not calling itself
+ Main Menu / Hub Area is coming along, will post WEBM of a quick walk around its area after this post
- Hub Area still has a lot of lighting issues and is still missing essential things before I can put down the Interaction Zones

June 2018, Week 1

+ Most base systems working
+ Nearly complete first game-loop/first 15-minutes
+ System corruption's in but isn't stable yet
+ Basic SNN menu support; still buggy
- Found some (unintended) bugs in the Fake Runner section of the game which prevent/halt progress. Need to figure out a way to fix them while retaining the other desired bugs.
- Corrupted memory can sometimes crash user to desktop unexpectedly, resulting in a bugged gamestate. Need to gracefully recover on hardware reboot.