Vikingirl RPG

January 2017, Week 4

+ Dialogue typing effect
+ Dialogue reads from XML file
+ Dialogue doesn't start typing a word unless it fits in the box
+ If the message is too long it continues to scroll down
+ Dialogue replies appear and can be created in the XML file
+ Clicking a reply button directs you to the appropriate next message according to the XML file

January 2017, Week 2

+ Back from the dead
+ Started work on dialogue system
- Haven't actually made any new progress yet
- Currently having some problems deciding how to structure the inventory system
+ Planned various combat-related stuff which I will implement soon

December 2016, Week 5

+ Saving and Loading finished
+ New overworld objects
+ UI fixes
+ Axe weapon
+ Face texture separated for facial expressions
+ Attacking animations

December 2016, Week 4

+ Enemy spawning algorithm works fairly well but needs polishing
+ Added some victory animations
+ Fancy new pause menu
+ Battle results at the end of a battle
+ Added a sword
+ Made a save location
- It doesn't do anything yet

December 2016, Week 3

+ collab pal is (almost) ready to work
+ modeled MC (though it's still not final)
+ implemented some animations
+ added hit flash when you hit an enemy
- not much progress gameplay-wise
+ this should change from now on

December 2016, Week 2

+ Implemented new targeting system in combat
- wasted a lot of time trying to understand how to manage inventory and similar things keeping references between scenes
+ finally had an epiphany
- haven't had time to implement it
+ found a codebro to work on this game together
+ which means I can focus more on modeling
+ started sketching the MC
- haven't found the right design yet

December 2016, Week 1

+ First recap for the game
+ Overworld/Battle scene switching works
+ first prototype for battle system works
+ Laid the base for leveling up
+ came up with card system to use in combat
- still haven't decided on a them, might go with viking/valkyrie-inspired magical girl
- this means no models for anything
- haven't started working on inventory, equipment, dialog system, quests, enemy AI, saving/loading, etc yet
+ have come up with a different targeting/movement system in battle
- haven't coded t yet