February 2017, Week 1

+ Localization infrastructure changes
+ Repacked UI as greyscale for colorized themes
+ Streaming is good for staying on task
- Got intimidated and depressed over a slickly presented AAA competitor

January 2017, Week 4

+ Lots of localization infrastructure progress
+ Learning how to livestream dev
- Thinking about kickstarter

January 2017, Week 3

+ Playing with particles for the main game screen
+ Working on sudo and user accounts
+ Retooled programs to be hacked Dialogues for easier flow visualizing
+ Player "profiles" for multiple saves per computer
+ Babbys first steamworks integration
+ Playing with fuzzer gameplay concept to research new vulnerabilities

January 2017, Week 1

+ Submitted something for demo day
+ Tutorial workflow pretty good
- Didn't make much content
- Lots of things silently broke in the leadup to DD

December 2016, Week 5

+ Malware (executables and batch files for payloads)
+ Malware modules (encrypt executable, delete traces afterwards)
+ Cleanroom malware creation lab

December 2016, Week 3

+ Fixing accumulated broken stuff
+ Got a sound effects pack and "sonic undertones"
+ Thinking about kickstarter

December 2016, Week 1

+ Javascript works in the game
- JS will probably let the player get into all kinds of trouble/sequence break
- realized using the same family of templates is going to make all sites feel samey (all via Bootstrap)

November 2016, Week 4

+ Greenlit!
+ Build webpages from HTML fragments
+ From SQL tables into page values without per-page code
+ Remade web browser

November 2016, Week 3

+ Bought/implemented a dialogue system asset
+ Bought/implementing an embedded browser asset
+ Made/making an in-game chatroom
+ Easier/faster content creation with existing web design tools
- Greenlight ded

October 2016, Week 3

+ Promo vid and greenlight any day now
+ Made "discovery" system for finding information/profiling characters
+ Russian, Turkish, Ukranian translations of greenlight page