December 2022, Week 2

+ Added autosave and autoload inbetween levels
+ Added a new modifier that magnetizes enemies and makes them attract all bullets that can harm them

December 2022, Week 1

+ Added laser beam that points where you're aiming
+ Added a new modifier that makes enemies shoot shards when they die
+ Made it so that player could not be damaged by multiple sources in the same frame
+ Gave player 0.5sec of invulnerability on taking damage
+ Waves now start before all enemies from previous wave are defeated
+ Mothers don't spawn mini chasers after game over anymore

November 2022, Week 2

+ Added a settings menu
+ Reworked absorbers to shoot instead of spawning mini chasers
+ Fixed a bug with guns accepting new modifiers even if total price will exceed 25
+ Made enemy bullets more oblong in shape

November 2022, Week 1

+ Added sounds for upgrade/exchange all
+ Fixed heavy mini chasers velocity being NaN
+ Added weapon switching delay
+ Fixed modifiers being draggable outside the browser window
+ Fixed PI bullet damage
+ Player bullets are now removed from the screen before level starts
+ Fixed absorbers absorbing explosions

October 2022, Week 4

+ Added a new enemy that absorbs your bullets and turns them into mini-chasers
+ Spinners now shoot while regenerating their shields
+ Shielders now buff enemies hiding under their shields
+ Added sounds for dragging and crafting modifiers as well as for heavy shooters
+ More CSS refactoring
+ Rebalancing

October 2022, Week 3

+ Added heavy chasers, which are like chasers, except they spread when they get closer to you
+ Added heavy shooters, which are like shooters, except they predict your movement
+ Buffed every enemy
+ Other rebalances

September 2022, Week 3

+ Reworked spinners, now they need to take some damage before they regenerate the shield, and even then, they first let a timer run out
+ Improved the enemy preview UI: new enemies are shown on top and marked as new, the description of old enemies is hidden by default
+ Now there's visual feedback for enemies being hit by piercing bullets
+ Recolored some bullets
+ Fixed bug with enemies getting caught in spinners' shields
+ Improved collisions with level border
+ Fixed PI reducing damage

August 2022, Week 3

+ Added bloom
+ Fixed bloom(lol)
+ Fixed enemy spawning system not taking enemy preferences into account
+ Started working on next level preview UI
+ More minor bugfixes and rebalances

August 2022, Week 1

+ Added a modifier that makes your bullet fly in a "drunken" pattern, but doubles your firerate
+ Added a modifier that makes your bullets orbit around your ship, but increases the amount off targets they pierce

July 2022, Week 4

+ Added shielders: new enemies that can generate shields that block bullets
+ Reworked targeting system
+ Freeing affects minelayers' mines' lifespan

July 2022, Week 2

+ Added modifier sorting
+ Added upgrading/exchanging all modifiers in the inventory
+ Improved bubbler's bubbles shooting pattern
+ Added knockback to explosions
+ Nerfed explosions so that they have negative armour penetration closer to their area's edges
+ Started working on new enemy

July 2022, Week 1

+ Added new modifier that creates AOE explosions
+ Improved enemy explode effect
+ Add preview on enemy spawn points
+ BRE bullets are now animated.

June 2022, Week 5

+ Added indicators to enemies
+ Added lots of new sounds
+ Target dummy hp in weapon test mode now scales with level number
+ Display info about target dummies in weapon test mode
+ Fixed incorrect DPS in weapon test mode
+ Miner layer's mines are now destroyed on mine layer's death
+ Submitted latest build for demo day

June 2022, Week 4

+ More rebalancing
+ Added a health bar
+ Player ship trail now changes color based on hp

June 2022, Week 1

+ Changed portal particle effects
+ Rebalanced mine layers
+ Started working on weapon test mode

May 2022, Week 4

+ Started working on portals, which are meant to be used to transition to challenge mode/exit weapon test mode, etc. Mainly worked on the graphics but I really don't like how they look, will probably just use particles instead.