September 2022, Week 1

+ I added health bases to the enemies in my game.
+ I wasted several days on trying to make the hp bar float over obstacles consistenly
+ Finally woke up to the fact that they are cringe because when enemies crowd together its hard to say who's is who and they are often obscured by models or eachother
+ Stuck for the moment with cringe health bars
+ Had a stream for my game - got _3_ new followers - I'm chuffed, thanks for tunning in!!
+ Showed some gameplay and we made an orc chieftain in 30 minutes, derailed myself with working on something I fear

August 2022, Week 3

+ BattleMage is a mobile AARPG (Adventure ARPG) game about mixing magic with melee to explore a new design space in games.
+ Created a bare minimum demo of the core game to prep for a stream of the current game + level building
+ Spent the last two weeks polishing controls
+ Reworked ability system/on screen buttons to work using Scriptable Object Events
+ Added Orc Necromancer

+ Added desert textures to my demo level
+ Used a height map to create some sprawling sand dunes