December 2019, Week 2



Pastaspace Interactive




+ Moved around some suns in systems for better clarity.
+ Changed lightning colors in demo.
+ Added starting weapons items that make it harder for the player, because fuck you.
+ Added some background configuration things that make it easier for me.
+ System readouts can be set to not say “system” at the end of their name.
+ Fixed issue where meta-inventory items would add duplicates of themselves, and could be ejected.
+ Dialogue activators can pass in basic data.
+ Keyboard can now parse strings for keyboard commands, used in tutorials.
+ Started working on tutorials.
+ Finished adding in tutorial simulation.
+ Fixed issue where several comm icons had collision.
+ Created several kinds of tutorial popups because you’re stupid.
+ Added a simulation system (for levels and content and whatnot).
+ Created tooltip system for the options menu.
+ Dialogue systems can now change trees.
+ Solar systems now have their own independent ambient reflection intensity.
+ Dialogue systems can now pass in floats as data for extra effects, neato.
+ Dialogue windows now displace the choice window if the text overflows.
+ Disabled contacts no longer persist on your HUD.
+ AI presets can now be set to flee or not flee.