Super John Spellway's Actual Fantasy Football 93' Turbo Edition G-X+ (Working Title)

March 2017, Week 3

+ Implemented Wraith's Attacks, two ability animations
+ Implemented Poisoned Status Effect
+ Did art for Berserker and Thief Ability animations
- Been months since I worked on this

December 2016, Week 2

+ Refactored code from 4k lines to 2k by modularizing and turning large sections of it into scripts for use between objects
+ Reworked how game switches between states to prepare for an announcer object who commentates on the game in between moves (can be turned off by player)
+ Completed Knight Shield Bash Move
- Nothing really new or interesting. Have finals, not much time for deving.

November 2016, Week 3

+ All Berserker Attack Animations completed and implemented
+ Game now scales at any resolution, implemented a zoom option
+ Turn order bar implemented, shows anticipated next characters actions/abilities,turns
- Refactoring code
- UI now has mixels, not sure if I really want to get rid of them