Monster Tether

May 2018, Week 1

+ fixed a retarded implementation of collisions.
+ implemented hitboxes and knockback for both the player and the enemies
+ added our first enemy: the Construct. Capable of wandering around, chasing its target, dodging, jumping over obstacles, and firing lasers.
+ polished the debug tools so they provide more useful info.
+ released the very first build for Demo Days 20!
+ made a new room for the demo, featuring a gauntlet where you have to fight an ever increasing number of Constructs.
Next I'll focus on NPCs and the environment for a while. I'll also start painting over that ugly background.

April 2018, Week 2

+ Added basic combo attacks. They move you slightly forward.
+ Added input buffering, allowing you to chain attacks and dashes together.
- Removed torch light flickering. It was eye-rapey at best.

April 2018, Week 1

+ Dashing is implemented
+ Prop collision is implemented
+ Wall collision is implemented
+ Wall shadows are implemented

March 2018, Week 4

+ Done for real with the shadows. They look much better as they no longer extend beyond the range of the light source that made them. Shadows that came from the same light source overlap like real shadows would, while shadows from different light sources stack up.
+ As a side effect from using surfaces for blending the shadows with the light sources, shadows are now pixel perfect. Whatever.

March 2018, Week 3

+ got movement animations for the player monster sorted out
+ figured out shaders so the light/cursor feels much more like a light source now
+ added some experimental shadows
- gave up on making the shadows pixel perfect because they look like ass then