March 2018, Week 3

+ Made turret movement playerside instead of severside and added a global delay on the server that roughly corresponds with your ping to make it "feel" more accurate and snappy
+ Added juice to firing and explosions, light effects on muzzleflash and projectiles
+ Projectiles now explode prettily on contact with shit, making the game look like a poor man's Girls Und Panzer Tron edition
+ 3D skyboxes that function essentially the same way hl2 skyboxes do but without the parallax movement
+ Performance improved across the board
+ Spaced armor and anything not marked as armored on the tanks can now be shot off, thus saving the vehicle from a single fully penetrating hit just like real spaced armor (vs HEAT usually but w/e it reduces the amount of penetration the projectiles have)
+ Updated to Unity 2017, improving performance
+ Replaced photon with fully custom system using player-run servers with a global server set up to match-make to all players and servers
- not sure about the environment coloring with the black and red
- nothing left to learn from the project so its being shelved again