Polygon Odyssey

September 2018, Week 2

+ Added New Obj Type:
++ Zoids are trapezoids that can split and combine together up to six times to form larger collections.
++ They are slow and vulnerable but have high health and will 'warp' in and out of the map to avoid player fire.
++ Destroying their core will blow up the entire collection.
- Working on implementing zoid weapons
- Working on Player shielding

September 2018, Week 1

+ Added 4th type: Circle
+ Added 4 circle melds with various types
+ Added 5th type: Block
+ Added 5 blocks melds with various types
+ Added particle clusters that you can pick up to boost score, making leveling easier
+ Boosted player fire rate and missile speed at all levels. Increased final radius of player level-up novas.
+ Implemented custom malloc/realloc/free wrappers that keep track of memory allocated, when it was allocated, and for what purpose.
- Implementing 6th type: Zoid (*trapezoids)
- Writing melds between zoids and other types
- Increasing player survivability and visibility