Space Combat Warfare

October 2018, Week 1

+ Added simple weapon modules
+ Added aiming AI for said weapons
+ Added retard-level targeting AI that can select other ships for the aiming AI to shoot
+ Ships that run out of propellant are disabled and won't be targeted
+ Added pulse lasers

September 2018, Week 4

- One month in, progress so far with -
- Highly advanced graphics engine so far
- Simple steering and thruster control AI for newtonian space flight, should let me build more advanced versions easily later on
- Highly autistic damage model based on bullet particle physics, laser beams and armor plates consisting of a grid of mass tiles
- Laser ablation, heat conduction are fairly complete, but I'd like to get pulse lasers to work at some point
- Ballistics damage model is also quite good, with a hypervelocity model for fast projectiles and a newtonian fluid jet model for slower ones. Spalling is kind of unrealistic and I just invented conversion formulas for that.
+ This week I added propellant tanks with the ability to leak propellant and get emptied.
+ Thrusters also now fire particles that can damage and heat up armor, and prevent thrusters from working inside armor.