Wannabe Nintendo Clone

December 2016, Week 3

+ Moddeled the damn wand
+ Finished the Puzzle Mechanic
+ So have now got working versions of the big four mechanics for my game
+ Am now putting together a demo, hopefully available for demo day if not xmas
- Still no animations (and I'm dreading approaching them)

December 2016, Week 2

+ Got some minor ideas down for extra features
+ Laid down the groundwork and design document for music
- Still haven't modelled the damn wand

December 2016, Week 1

+ Finishing up juice on combat mechanic, as well as eneral touch ups to how it works
+ Finished Modelling Player Character (including cleanup)
- Stillw orking on the texture for the player model
- Yet to model Wand
- Yet to clean up/make efficient the only enemy model I have
- Yet to work on animations or even rigging

November 2016, Week 4

+ Finished Combat Mechanic
+ Finished Fishing Mechanic
+ Finished QuickSave Mechanic
+ Finished Enemy "Mochanicom" Model
- Need to polish up all of these with animations and such
- Still need to get around to creating a player character
- Still need to add Puzzle-Solving Mechaic

November 2016, Week 3

+ Finished Combat Lock-on mechanism
- Still need to decide on aesthetics for the indicator ...
+ Have started work on other mechanics
- I'm working blind and it's making me upset how little I'm getting done.

November 2016, Week 2

+ Added a skybox that doens't look dreadful
- Couldn't work out how to make clouds work
- Deleted old method of locking onto enemies, and re-implementing it with infinite scalability in mind