Space Carrier Ops

January 2017, Week 1

+ Simple main menu with settings
+ Deadzone and control modes can be changed in settings
+ Made landed behavior easier and more predictable
+ Lots of lights added to carrier
+ Nose gear light and headlight on fighter
+ Little nebula cloud effects on the carrier landing scenario
+ DD12 release
- Very possibly the last build of this project

December 2016, Week 5

+ Support for 3D skyboxes/scaled cameras
+ Added new ship: bootleg ARMD carrier to further test landing on moving objects
+ Wheel brakes for landing gear
+ Thrusters shut off when brakes applied
+ Rescaled all masses and thruster forces (multiplied by 0.01) so that Unity wheels play nicer with physics
- Need to figure out how I'm going to handle Demo Day
- Starting to have serious doubts that this would actually be any fun, as well as the likelihood that I could realistically "finish" it
- Seriously considering wrapping up this project after whatever the Demo Day build ends up being

December 2016, Week 4

+ Total rewrite of how targeting is handled
+ Targeting now expandable and can be used by any ship and extended with radar components
+ Wrote simple range based radar component for ships
+ Added turrets (missile and gun) and wrote simple automated targeting and firing AI for them
+ Dynamic ally indications on HUD using previously unused faction properties
+ Added pure pursuit option to missile guidance

December 2016, Week 3

+ Ultra basic HUD targets and targeting
+ Bombs and guns added
+ Ability to drop munitions before they go active
+ Support for multiple weapon types
+ Lots of refactoring over the course of the week
+ Explosion support with splash damage/impulse
+ Ability to reload while landed
+ Started work on turrets
- Targeting needs a total rethink, current system is very placeholder and restrictive