Card Tower Defense

March 2019, Week 2

+ Polished card behavior and movement
+ Added card tooltips next to them when hovered
+ Added a little flag to cards to indicate that they belong to the player's deck (as opposed to basic cards that you get every turn)
+ Cards move to either the player deck or discard pile if played (or fade out if they dont belong to the player)
- Found out that you cant rotate unity terrain, so i need another way of making modular tiles

March 2019, Week 1

+ Rewrote Camera for smoother Zooming, Panning ect
+ Changed how card dragging is visualized, it should be clearer now whats being dragged and where
+ Added functionality for upgrading towers by dragging certain amount of cards onto it
+ Added an effect for upgrading
- Got less done than i wanted to, todo list keeps growing and growing

February 2019, Week 4

+ Added Cardsystem
+ Polished Mazing Tiles
+ Multiple Tiles can be connected, so bigger maps can easily be made
+ Added lots of small necessities like an options menu
- Changed game name to Card Tower Defense as working title, because i cant think of something original
- Code needs a lot of refractoring and cleaning up, right now its a mess in several parts
- Need to hurry the fuck up for demo day