Girls Last Tour Simulator

August 2021, Week 3

+ A star pathfinding project implemented. For the overworld and this will be used for AI too when searching for supplies.

+ Fuel system/GUI [WIP] for kettenkrad added. For every 1 unit of world space in unity is one kilometer. A kettenkrad can go 100/km per 16 litres of fuel if its using the road. 22 litres if offroad. A kettenkrad can hold 42 litres of fuel. If the player has ran out of fuel the game ends unless they are in range of a node within 3 units in which they can scavenge for fuel.

+ Scene switching added[WIP]. For scavenging rations, fuel, key items like plastic explosives

+ Procgen Scene added[WIP]. This will generate hallways, rooms with rations, fuel, and key items to unlock other endings.

+ Made a patreon and ko-fi for my games. Ill start marketing when i have a full fledged demo ready.