Shitty Geometry Shooty

February 2022, Week 2

- Rewriting parts of the codebase because some of the code is on par with Pajeet's Java Enterprise standards
- You can now lose the game. Technically it's fully playable now, demo day here I come

I'm calling this game finished, the code is too spaghetti to add more and it was just an exercice to get into how Godot works anyways.

February 2022, Week 1

- Made the green squares ~16% slower, thus less of a threat and easier to hit.
- Tweaked enemy generation as a result of greens being less of a menace. They now spawn more frequently. Blues now shoot larger bullets.
- Fiddled a bit with the screenshake

- Made the default shottype full-auto, partially to prevent carpal tunnel but also to make things easier to hit (I have stormtrooper aim).
- Added a new enemy type, purples, which follow you and are small but slow.
- Added some variance to enemy speed so it feels slightly less monotonous. Also mostly prevents the purples from all occupying the same space and blending together.

- Reworking the particle system

- Fully reworked the particle system, also refactored it a bit, now only ~40% of it is tweaked by hand instead of ~80% before.
- Reworked the trail system, giving a clearer indication of which shots hit or missed (I guess they never miss huh?)