Cosmogonic Overflow

December 2022, Week 1

+ Keyboard shortcut for phrases
+ Added loading screen
+ Refactored page holes into a component instead of styling pages by hand
+ Cover strips to hide see-through page states
+ First part of maze puzzle is nearly finished
+ Minor plot improvements, searched through research materials

November 2022, Week 3

+ Fixed menu button alignment
+ Worked on a complex puzzle. A few new generic interactibles have been added
+ Trying to finalize the entire content outline
+ Rearranged the world design to offload areas from story parts. I finally know how to expand chapter 1. Chapter 4 looks promising with its themes and recontextualizing.
+ Started reorganizing the lore and story
+ Made tags for future information hierarchy
+ Initial NPC design
+ Came up with new combat concepts
+ Each link can have an assigned keyboard key. Rerouted the whole keyboard event flow
- Got sick, the momentum is going down

November 2022, Week 2

+ Added music and sounds because I stopped giving a fuck
+ More firefox fixes (now most elements have browser specific styles because of that)
+ Remade combat UI
+ Made last demo segment more obvious
+ Added swipe page turning for mouse
+ Improved UI to be more visible
+ Spelling fixes (thanks anon)
+ Small refactor
+ More descriptive and readable links
+ Slight panning on the view to make focus more obvious
+ Audio preloading
+ Expanded the plot by a whole different dimension
+ Planned out some puzzles and interactive story segments (next demo might be... interesting)
- Post-DD chilling out
+ Fixed the leaking wishing star event bug due to complaints