April 2017, Week 3

+ recolored Act2 Tiles (again)
+ Added soft shadows for foreground objects (can be disabled for pixel purists)
+ Added Bear Traps
+ Created a new level, Leg Breaker, to show off the traps
+ Redrew my saws, as well as trees. Both feel a little off, so I'm probably going to give them another pass
+ Optimized my replay system
- Completely broken my replay system while optimizing it
- Replay system is currently disabled

March 2017, Week 4

+ Did some sprite work and animation for my beetle jump pads, also made a little introductory level for them
+ Overwrote Gamemaker's view movement code to better work with the screen rotation caused by World-Lines
+ Rewrote some surface drawing stuff to better work with the aforementioned screen rotation
+ Levels now have to be unlocked: game starts with 12 playable, every 4 beaten makes another 4 available.
- No idle animation or sounds for the bugs

February 2017, Week 3

+ Created some basic assets for acts two and three (most ground tiles)
+ Got real time reflections working for any surface angle
+ Made the player's scarf all dynamic and flowy and nice looking
+ Started work on a few super simple starter levels to ease players into things
+ Posted on /aggydaggy/ for the first time in about a year