November 2018, Week 1

Cash Sample




RPG Maker MV, Photofiltre, Cubase 8, Internet, Water


First entry for rolling recap. Let's see how it goes. I might treat this as a quick journal too, might be fun to read it in the future (or depressing). I'll keep the +/- system for progress, I find it nice.
+ Hangar Stock Space Upgrade variables
- Can't get the formula to work when looting
+ Phone Hangar App Widget progress

Implementing an App for the phone, called "Receev".
It shows the player the stock space available at the Hangar.
I'm having trouble for the display but the art is there.
It also counts the items well, and spawning in hangar is OK.
I have 6 bars representing 6 spaces (upgrades).
It's possible I add upgrades for the amount of items per space.
+ Hangar Stock HuD art finished
- but ALL is displayed instead of DETAILED
+ TVs (and big items) are now stolen by scanning with the phone (design reasons)
+ You can interact with Big Items only when first Stock Space is unlocked
+ Cheat event for Deving