Cash Sample

March 2019, Week 2

Been busy with music and administration.
Discovered a memory leak that is big to fix.
I really enjoyed making a small Jam game for last AGDG,
so I'm going to prototype another small game and put
Cash Sample on hold.
Like for the Jam game, I'll build assets and code I can reuse later.
+ Debug systems
+ Design documents
- Performance problem
- Game postponed for a while
+ Switching to "Project Ecobot" (same engine)
- Missed quite a lot of AGDG again

February 2019, Week 1

Mostly worked around the Fight minigame.
It's gonna be big for me so I hope it's fun to play.
I will participate to the Princess & Witches Jam.
+ Some Tweak to the Hack Grid
+ Started FIGHTgrid proto
+ Time system database tweaks

January 2019, Week 5

Almost finished both type of doors,
(vertical and horizontal). Need an alarm state on them.
Tweaked database for their animations,
it's complicated I hope it won't cause problems later.
Fixed some things along the way.
I will ditch conventionnal RPG combat for combat puzzle minigame (RIP).
Scope therefore reduced.
+ Door Animation Database
- it's messy
+ Doors code almost done
- needs alarm state
+ Fixed 2 major mechanics bugs
+ Cleaned code a bit
+ New design for combat phases
+ Scope reduced
+ Perfs looks under control so far

Tweaked doors, NPC can also open them.
I think I need to optimize for shitty CPUs. I'll test.
Gonna think of a routine system to give some life to NPCs.
+ Some Doors code tweak
+ NPC can now open doors

January 2019, Week 4

The doors are now obstructing NPC vision.
And I think I found a suitable door design (art and code).
Next I'm gonna polish alert bubbles system a bit.
+ Door are now obstructing vision
+ NPCS Vision code tweak
+ Doors code and spawn method
+ Doors art design method (Horizontal)
- Need to make Vertical doors
+ Started designing new NPC bubbles

Remade the door.
They are now automatic and sliding.
I need to make them detect NPC,
and implement the alarm state.
+ New door design and code
- Need to make Vertical doors
+ But it should be quick
- Did not follow AGDG enough since New Eve

January 2019, Week 3

What doesn't kill you makes you stronger.
Finished NPC detection in all 4 directions, with tile obstructing.
I still need to make doors and possibly other events obustructing,
and also tweak close movement detection.
Then I'll add a proper detection sequence.
+ NPC Detection in all 4 directions
+ Tile Obstructing

The NPC are now reactively detecting the player.
The system is set so I can easily tweak range.
I also added an input system to neutralize NPCs.
I will make skills interact differently with this.
Waiting on some help for the events (doors, etc...) obstructing code.
Then I'm gonna test a bunch the A.I, and should start RPG combat if it goes well.
Maybe I'll have another demo for this summer?
+ NPCs now have player detection
- Still need to make Doors and such obstructing
+ Kill Range proto to neutralize NPCs
+ Redid walking animation a bit
+ Some art

December 2018, Week 4

Been testing the NPC vision in a special Debug room.
I still need to make it work for left/right and test the whole.

+ Debug Room and tests
- Lazy because I ate Christmas meals and late sleep

December 2018, Week 3

Last prototype for detection was shit so I'm making something new.
Seeking it to make a physical sprite detection that will be obstructed by walls.
Modern PC should handle the load of multiple NPCs, planning on optimizing strong tho.
- Old NPC detection is shit
+ Working on a new one

Found a way to attach Vision Zones to a dedicated NPC.
Now onto finding if I can make it automaticaly works with several spawned NPCs.
Still monitoring perfs. I'll only work on the detection features once the vision is solid enough.

+ Progressed on the Vision/Detection system
- Still a lot to do

Third iteration of the VISION ZONE for NPCs.
Magic help from a plugin who come out today. Using it to tie my own process just after.
Now I need to add unique "obstructing" checks taking in account player surroundings.
I drew them on paper.

+ Lucked in some plugin release
+ VISION ZONE mk3 went very well today
+ Perfs should be very good

Yo recap guy. It's "Dosh Jobs". I guess you could see that the infos between this post and Dosh Jobs are similar for that precise case.
I could still provide more proofs if you want.

Obstructing looks to work well.
Code is pretty big but seems to run fine.
Now I need to make it work for the 3 other directions.
And then I'll see how well it work with moving NPCs,
and multiple NPcs.

+ Obstructing tiles working
- If I where to stop posting progress, I did not gave up

December 2018, Week 2

Could not work my mind free on combat because I was thinking too much on what would lead to it.
So I switched my focus on implementing the system that will make the NPCs detect the player in the houses.
I got on head & paper something that should allow for it to work, I will now start to implement this first prototype.
+ Designing a system to allow NPCs detecting/chasing

December 2018, Week 1

Finished some end tweaks on the Receev APP.
Started the Combat phase by having a base damage formula.
+ Tweaked HLU Order menu
+ Some art
+ Fight basic damage formula

November 2018, Week 5

3 weeks without progress,
missed a lot of AGDG, but both were needed.
I reworked the previous App display.
I'm soon gonna start combat.
Been thinking of new stuff.
+ Reworked StockApp displaying
+ Fixed some Hangar/Scan items bugs

Added some features that'll be upgrades.
You can now refuel the truck recovering your scanned items.
I'm may change it for other terms, codename "Manutention Units".
Next I'll arrange game code for flexibility.
Combat delayed a bit.
+ Scanned item will show name depending on upgrades
+ Some art
+ Tweak phone animations
+ Implemented ReFuel System on phone

Changed the Truck Fuel system for a more personnal and easier to manage Hangar Labour Unit system.
It represents the costs for the receiver to recover stolen goods, and manage them in the Hangar.
The cost of a HLU unit will fluctuate depending on various elements.
+ "Truck Fuel" is changed for "Hangar Labour Units"
+ Tweaked choices menu phrasing
+ Tweaked Phone App slots code
+ Some art

November 2018, Week 1

First entry for rolling recap. Let's see how it goes. I might treat this as a quick journal too, might be fun to read it in the future (or depressing). I'll keep the +/- system for progress, I find it nice.
+ Hangar Stock Space Upgrade variables
- Can't get the formula to work when looting
+ Phone Hangar App Widget progress

Implementing an App for the phone, called "Receev".
It shows the player the stock space available at the Hangar.
I'm having trouble for the display but the art is there.
It also counts the items well, and spawning in hangar is OK.
I have 6 bars representing 6 spaces (upgrades).
It's possible I add upgrades for the amount of items per space.
+ Hangar Stock HuD art finished
- but ALL is displayed instead of DETAILED
+ TVs (and big items) are now stolen by scanning with the phone (design reasons)
+ You can interact with Big Items only when first Stock Space is unlocked
+ Cheat event for Deving

October 2018, Week 4

+ Hangar Boxes system design
+ Hangar Boxes particles effect
+ Hangar Boxes text maccros
+ Hangar Boxes several models
+ Hangar Boxes specific art overlay
- Disabled animation, causing engine crash
+ Hangar Boxes optimisation
+ Hangar Boxes TV category implemented
- Gonna ditch pickup/throw system
+ Will allow less workload/more flexibility
+ Tweaked GRID looting
+ Reworked Big Item spawning (for last time I hope)

October 2018, Week 3

+ Hangar Box Items spawn
+ Hangar Box Items Price Formula
- Bad Monday could not finish Hangar Box
+ Messages Maccros
+ Some Art Polish
+ Disabled shitty mouse controls

October 2018, Week 2

+ Some bugs fixed
+ Design Docs Maintenance
+ Inventory Icons tweaks
+ Sell shop proto
- Troubles with Hangar Stock proto
+ Cool October Recap

October 2018, Week 1

+ Spawning Bethesda fix
+ Some Miniature Art
+ Item Rarities
+ Item Description merging
+ Item Icons merging
+ Rarity Colors
+ Some refined deving organisation
+ Will not make Rogue Sample its own game yet

September 2018, Week 4

+ --About Rogue Minigame--
+ Map rolling system
+ Spawning
+ Grid movement event system
+ Exit Portal spawning
+ Some Art
- Still considering making it its own game

September 2018, Week 3

+ Began "Rogue" Minigame
- Thinking of making this Minigame its own game
+ Rolling Recap hype

September 2018, Week 2

+ Furniture Spawning [X]
+ Hacking Minigame [X][X][X]
- Furniture Loot Gen [_]
+ Should be done about this shit this week
+ Some performances upgrade

September 2018, Week 1

+ Furniture Spawning [X]
- Hacking Minigame [X][X][_]
- Furniture Loot Gen [_]
+ Looking forward this week to boost

August 2018, Week 5

+ Furniture Spawning [X]
+ Hacking Minigame [X][X][_]
- Furniture Loot Gen [_]
- Shitty week
- Have music work until October

August 2018, Week 4

+ Furniture Spawning [X]
- Hacking Minigame [X][_][_]
- Furniture Loot Gen [_]
- ree

August 2018, Week 3

+ Started rewriting present core mechanics
+ Furniture Spawning [X]
- Hacking Minigame [_]
- Furniture Loot Gen [_]
+ Expect to finish 2nd box this week
- Will get bully for posting early but I'm busy

August 2018, Week 2

+ Started rewriting present core mechanics
+ Furniture Spawning [X]
- Hacking Minigame [_]
- Furniture Loot Gen [_]
+ Better loading perfs when entering a house

August 2018, Week 1

- on some weird coding hiatus,
+ but found the start of a solution,
+ and developing Art & Eventing via a "Broject"
+ Art: Flower, Grounds, D-Water, House
- I don't post fun progress enough