May 2019, Week 2



Pastaspace Interactive




+ More kickstarter work done
+ Buy/sell windows in traders are now separate and switched between
+ Increased the overall size and readability of dialogue buttons
+ NPCs will no longer spawn inside planets
+ Fixed issue with NPCs going through tradelanes incorrectly
+ Fixed issue where tradelanes would temporarily render players invincible
+ Improved some talking UI aspects
+ Escape button now closes all station UI aspects
+ Contact HUD buttons given better visual feedback
+ Added extra color options for things
+ Added strafing up/down
+ Mission waypoint system separate from the normal one and waypoints behave a bit differently for some docking cases
+ Garage system now uses a list rather than navigational arrows for display
+ Message system now able to support multiple messages at once, and colors itself based on specific message types.
+ Toned down some lighting settings for readability purposes
+ Redid tutorial UI to be more an in-game manual.
+ Added some more unique content to places
+ Fixed some rotational objects to work with the camera system
+ Single-room stations now change their submenus based on where you’ve quick-traveled to.
+ Fixed some issues with the camera on stations