December 2022, Week 2

+ Added a dialogue requirement to check for in-combat settings.
+ Added some dialogue restrictions to additional things.
+ Finished the first half of the multiplayer main quest (in that it’s playable to completion).
+ Distance dialogue triggers can now be inverse distance dialogue triggers.
+ Fixed some music errors in nebulas.
+ Redid some battleship subsystem code and added some new behaviors.

December 2022, Week 1

+ Finished writing the multiplayer campaign script.
+ Implemented the new underspace bosses into the actual storm weather system.
+ Created some missing systems for the multiplayer campaign.
+ Implemented all dialogue triggers for the multiplayer campaign.
+ Implemented computer voice-over HIVE/Gladys/Whatever system.
+ Clearing calculations are more accurate now.
+ Worked on refactor of options menu.
+ Totally refactored options menu.
+ Totally refactored music system.
+ Totally refactored radio system to have more custom channels.
+ AI Voice can now be replaced.

November 2022, Week 4

+ Fixed some issues with constant fighter spawners.
+ Finished up snake fight AI and added colliders.
+ Gradual exploders can now work backwards and can fold in on themselves.
+ Did more writing on the multiplayer main campaign.
+ Implemented and properly worked on shield swappers.
+ Explosions can now damage shields exclusively.
+ Fixed issue where activator intervals on snake bosses were constantly called.
+ Created tons of new undersnake variants.
+ Properly set up system for regions having non-regional, out-of-region, exploration mission types.
+ Added distance-based options for simple movers.

November 2022, Week 3

+ Relabeled some options menu stuff.
+ Worked more on snake bosses.
+ Added a shield swapping element.
+ Did more campaign work.
+ Did work for distant battle effects. Mostly just for flavor.
+ Added null checks to group activators.
+ Finished the first rough draft of the main campaign.
+ Worked on publisher deal stuff.
+ Added a simple thing that constantly spawns fighters when active.

November 2022, Week 2

+ Ambient fauna can now blow up via being hit by something or being shot by something.
+ Campaign and quest objectives can now give hints about things.
+ Added some more hints to the initial campaign mission.
+ Fixed issue where NPCs on stations wouldn’t wear clothes.
+ Redid some shield effects to be less loud and annoying.
+ Did some missile rebalancing.
+ Expanded the weakpoint system a bit.
+ Campaign missions now save in saves.
+ Fixed issue where tutorial popups would go all fucky upon reloading a save.
+ Tweaked jumping effects a bit.
+ Worked on and finished scripting storm bosses some more.
+ Worked on gradual destruction for snake enemies.
+ Added a gradual placer and destruction object, usually used for snakes.
+ Worked quite a bit on improving and testing storm bosses.
+ Can now spawn and override hazards in storms via console.
- Completely forgot about this because preparing to bring a cat home.
+ Fixed a few issues and added some new effects to Helioliches.

November 2022, Week 1

+ Worked on more campaign missions.
+ Worked on some ambient characters across places.
+ Added ambient NPCs to campaign missions that aren’t all hardcorelike.
+ Added some more tutorialesque NPCs.
+ Added some initial campaign elements for better tracking on that end.
+ Modeled out more cockpits.
+ Implemented basic models for demo cockpits.
+ Redid mission descriptions.
+ Field clearings can now override nebula and light colors.

October 2022, Week 4

+ Added a money change UI thing.
+ Worked on a secret enchantment system.
+ Did more campaign work.
+ Player pseudo-followers can now not be tied to the parent transform.
+ Fixed issue where pseudo-followers weren’t doing their logic right.
+ Added alternate exit points for gates.
+ Created more icons for character windows.
+ Movers can now disable things at the end.
+ Did some work on stuff for the trade show presentation.
+ Worked a bit with the Fallout guys on some wiki stuff.
+ Mission descriptions are now parsed to save me some time.
+ Missions now can define their display type.
+ Mission extra rewards can now specify reward counts and can be random.
+ Rampage missions can specify killing any enemy of the faction.
+ Scripted Jumpers can now specify specific rooms when warping in.
+ Added an activator that places objects when activated.
+ Redid some aspects of room warps to work better.
+ Added a skip intro button.

October 2022, Week 3

+ Added some loadout override technology.
+ Worked on various storm bosses.
+ Created some generic equipments for NPCs.
+ Adjusted some aspects of various bosses.
+ Did a huge dialogue pass for the campaign, implementing all dialogue triggers in for it.
+ Added two-state animatable objects for station interiors.
+ Added space farms.
+ Added space tractors.
+ Adjusted some spawn points.
+ Fixed issue with name readouts on stations.

October 2022, Week 2

+ Missiles can now knock you out of highengines and thrust (for NPCs).
+ Missiles can bypass shields.
+ Max ammunition is now able to be determined by the missile.
+ Total overhaul of how missiles work.
+ Mines can be prematurely detonated and can leave behind damaging fields.
+ Heavy weapons can also be prematurely detonated.
+ Fixed some issue with AI pilots’ flee mechanics.
+ Tutorial menu is now categorized.
+ Movers can have charge up effects and timers.
+ Hooked up the intermediary docking path system to be all workways.
+ Added new fixtures.
+ Textured new fixtures.
+ Fixed some fucked spawn points.

October 2022, Week 1

+ Created more campaign missions.
+ Wrote up some more stuff.
+ Modeled out accessories for NPCs to better Morrowindize my more unique characters.
+ Did some rudimentary missile rebalancing stuff.

September 2022, Week 5

+ Added a tractor beam thing, for the campaign.
+ Added a pseudo follower to the player.
+ Did more campaign work.
+ Fixed issue where double player lines said would malfunction things.
+ Added new enemy types.
+ Ship spawners can override spawn effects now.
+ Fixed issue where solars killed by NPCs didn’t count for quest tracking.
+ Movers can have additional settings now.
+ Certain bosses can destroy their mooks upon death now.

September 2022, Week 4

+ NPCs that like you will come to your aid against ships they’re normally not hostile towards.
+ You can now view chapter data on chapters you’ve joined.
+ Chapters can now have multiple requirements.
+ Record system now has multiple entry stuff.
+ News UI now has full UI image.
+ Redid a bunch of docking code.
+ Fields have a chance to have no end to their battle cooldown.
+ Fixed issue where fields would be on infinite cooldown.
+ Can now use orbital cam properly in docking modes.
+ Fixed issue where NPC generic dialogue wouldn’t work for stuff.
+ Changed some docking AI stuff.
+ Fixed the double dock issue with manual docking.
+ Cockpits can now have UI elements.
+ Did more campaign work.
+ Lights can flicker now.
+ Modeled out some doors.

September 2022, Week 3

+ Storage can now be expanded via money.
+ Station Icons no longer appear in menus.
+ Fixed some mislabeled terminals.
+ Armor now affects thruster drain rate instead.
+ Fixed issues with bosses not being able to be defeated.
+ Fixed UI issues.
+ Fixed some issues with bad displays.
+ Fixed issue with trading UI malfunctioning.
+ Fixed issue with worldstate saving.
+ Fixed various quest issues.
+ Party members now save and can be added via console.
+ Fixed even more UI issues with the quest display thing.
+ Changed how comm text UI display works.
+ Fixed issue with map scalars.
+ Fixed some more boss issues.
+ Manual docking state now saves.
+ Fixed some pathing issues in quests.
+ Fixed tons of saving issues.
+ Fixed some mislabeled lanelines.
+ Fixed various waypoint stuff.
+ Fixed quest issues.
+ Aiming reticule now accurate.
+ Scripted out lots of storm bosses.
+ Fixed some waypointing issues.
+ Fixed some issues with UI stuff.
+ Fixed some issues with NPC despawning.
+ Added more verbose messaging.

September 2022, Week 2

+ Name generators can specify if they’re firstnames or not.
+ Textured all campaign models.
+ Textured additional drone and drone variant models.
+ Engine sounds are now their own slider.
+ Tooltips now refresh with each pause and more tooltips have been added.
+ Asteroid and nebula fields now display if they’re lucrative or hazardous.
+ Objective UI now displays current campaign mission information, if possible and shows update.
+ Hide inventory option now hides the navmap as well.
+ Tutorials can now have videos.
+ Fixed issue with some immortal enemies.
+ Station warping is no longer possible during interactions.
+ Fixed issue with train station weirdness.
+ Redid engine painting stuff entirely.
+ Legendary effects can now be scanned.
+ Modeled out space farm and space tractor stuff.
+ Available quests are properly seen on stations now.
+ Navmap can now display if quests are available at a place.
+ Get best price no longer displays 0 value station prices.
+ Fixed some mislabeled lanelines.
+ Linked up broken and intact items more.
+ Wrecked items can now be deposited.

September 2022, Week 1

+ Fixed issue where disabled jumpholes wouldn’t spawn right.
+ Added more campaign stuff.
+ Allowed camera shaking to work on stations.
+ Fixed issues with the saving system.
+ Allowed game to properly parse loaded plugins.
+ Fixed issues with waypoints not clearing and quest and waypoint waypoints overlapping.
+ Fixed some dialogue issues in Pyrona’s quest.
+ Dialogue greetings can now have exclusivity.
+ Completed the first act of the campaign.
+ Fields with mining boxes are now tracked by the solar system itself.
+ Redid various bits of logic for the mining drone and added a total refactor to its effects and how it looks and works.
+ Updated defense drones to also attack player targets.
+ Added idiot cone functions.
+ Applied idiot cone functions to a few better things like missiles.
+ Adjusted max speeds and spawn distances of mining boxes.
+ Added very basic projectile system.
+ Certain legendary enemy effects now more visible and obvious.
+ Added EXP bar.
+ Worked on cockpit models.
+ Fighter spawn squadrons can specify legendary effects.
+ Fixed tons of issues with beam code. Again.
+ Brought out a new demo!

August 2022, Week 4

+ NPCs better analyze targets.
+ Added control for switching between materials via animation settings.
+ Fixed issue where conversation text would persist across rooms.
+ Added video controls for surfaces like TVs.
+ Fixed issue where NPC controls wouldn’t apply fully in squadrons.
+ Added new faction types that are able to have more complicated engagements with each other.
+ Fixed some slight issue with inventory draw distances.
+ Simulations properly disable sub-indicators and reset cameras.
+ Video players can have URLs.
+ On-station simulators can fade out and work properly.
+ Redid how exploders work for various things.
+ Worked on more memory things.
+ Beams can attack solar childs now.
+ Added more campaign mission stuff.
+ Fixed issue with laneline colliders.
+ Textured campaign models.
+ Made models for interior tileset stuff.
+ Scripted storms can be expanded into other systems.
+ Storm effects now have their own functionality and storms can play proper ambience if a storm starts in a field.
+ Execution trackers can have AI updates called in now too.

August 2022, Week 3

+ Worked more on snake magic.
+ Worked on a thing that resets quests if you exit it.
+ Fixed height issues with station indicators.
+ Added ways to reset quest stages.
+ Synced player equipment in multiplayer.
+ Servers can now set a variety of options for itself, including description and PVP damage.
+ Added player trading mechanics in multiplayer.
+ Added typewriter text now.
+ Worked on wreck loot tables.
+ Added persistence to all shipwrecks.
+ Modeled some more ships.
+ Added all backer names to the game.
+ World state now saves storm status and wreck status fully.
+ Saving files now properly filter only the proper filename.
+ Fixed issue with bad meshing in capital system.
+ Once again tried to work with the capital system and make it look how I want it to feel.
+ All wrecks in game have their loadouts set.
+ All fast travel systems loaded out in game.
+ Redid some interior textures.
+ Simulations can override player deaths.
+ Fixed issue where tutorial was completely broken.
+ Added additional campaign controls for weird stuff.
+ Fixed UI issues across the board.
+ Fixed spawning tech issues not applying settings properly.
+ Added more memory vault stuff.
+ Added flight control commands to the game.

August 2022, Week 1

+ Finished the first drafts of every sidequest in the game.
+ Added some warp zones to places that were missing it.
+ Quests can now have display requirements.
+ Redid drop tables fully to support broken stuff.
+ Added override animation settings for races that can support multiple bodies.
+ Added icons and race characters for the Us.
+ Undocking and jumping run the same superspawning code as leaving lanelines.
+ Fixed issue where you could target items while paused.
+ Fixed issue where ship paints didn’t get applied.
+ Comm windows can now have custom colors.
+ Refactored totally all snake and train movement and hooked it up to systems.
+ Wrote more party member dialogue.

July 2022, Week 4

+ Added more quests.
+ Added a way to override beam weapons doing damage to items.
+ Persistence nodes can work off shields.
+ Animated forcefields can work off disabling, rather than destroying.
+ Fixed issue with some location requirement code.
+ Added easy use access for warp items.
+ Warp items can have sounds attached to them.
+ Improved code for various other script items.
+ Fixed issue with missiles not having targets.
+ Fixed some bad logic in animation stuff.
+ Coded out new bosses and minigames for quests.
+ Scripted out stealth quests.
+ Modeled out new models for scanning drones like translation probes and detectors.

July 2022, Week 3

+ Worked on more sidequests.
+ Implemented all dialogue for sidequests.
+ Added new system for swapping windows in comms UI, to make it easier on myself.
+ Turned game constants into an easily fuckable table.
+ Turned game keys into an easily fuckable table.
+ Mods now based off of json files.
+ Players can now fully modify game and physics constants.
+ Players can now make mods.
+ Wrote some more party member dialogue.
+ Triggers in dialogue boxes can wait until the end of the box.
+ Script activators can activate and better control ships
+ Group activators can have delays.
+ Added basic controllers for arena and racing minigames.
+ Added more controls to solar comm options.

July 2022, Week 2

+ Worked on more sidequests.
+ Station rooms can have warp overrides and execute code upon entry.
+ Added generic veiler character stuff.
+ Persistence nodes can execute code now.
+ Created forward cannon subsystems.
+ Beam weapons can now have multiple sound settings.
+ Began to expand sound list.
+ Stations can have custom leave nodes now.
+ Implemented tons of dialogue because I’m lazy.
+ Added a cloak conditional to the conditional system.
+ Added station indicators.

July 2022, Week 1

+ Made more quests.
+ Station activators can proc normal non-station activators now.
+ Changed some station activator logic.
+ Created fade in fade out basic items for station effects.
+ Created puzzle shifters for things.
+ Train travel can now have Events happen.
+ Entering stations with non-system names will reflect this in the readout.
+ Modeled out some more cockpits.
+ Modeled some basic interior stuff.
+ Added missing cockpit tech to ships.
+ Fixed some issues relating to trader UI stuff.
+ Dropped equipment can now be from a list.
+ Dropped equipment can now factor in player’s salvage skill.
+ Station NPCs can now predetermine bodypart lists, saving me some time.

June 2022, Week 5

+ Tested out lots of bosses and got them ready for play.
+ Empowerment indicators now display the power multiplier.
+ Added new beam variants.
+ Beam rotators have a bunch of new settings to help with gun turning.
+ Proximity explosives can have forward movement settings.
+ Fixed issue where garages wouldn’t work, brought about by new shipvisual system.
+ Added small cutscene for traveling by train.
+ Added new recipes for crafting certain items.
+ Updated boss items to incorporate the other recipes.
+ Did some basic boss AI scripts for quest bosses
+ Added several more new quests.
+ Scannables hooked up to the requirement system now.

June 2022, Week 4

+ Fire and forgettors and ghost ships can now control position settings.
+ Damaging fields can have cruise multipliers.
+ Proximity explosives have overrides now too.
+ Ghost ships can override proximity explosives.
+ Created a ton of new hazards for storms.
+ Fixed issue where fog was affecting my shader.
+ Boss collections can turn ships hostile.
+ Implemented every non-boss hazard for storms.
+ Greatly expanded ghost ships.
+ Updated every storm possible with the list of possible hazards.
+ Added a fillmap command to the dev console.
+ Adjust storm growth rates and similar to be much more aggressive.
+ Extended some map functionality to other bits.
+ Added some more UI backgrounds.
+ Added some small bits of trading UI functionality.
+ Bodypart renderer replacements can have better mesh replacement functionality.
+ Fixed some small issues.
+ Added debris to every ambient battleship.
+ Ticker Harvesters can now explode properly
+ Fixed some rendering issues with big exploders.
+ Added the first drafts of tons of bosses.
+ Forcefields can be controlled via other script stuff now.
+ Emission and phase controllers can set the index of the material they own.
+ Rematerialized BOB a bit to have better resolution on his glowery bits.
+ Redid how range extenders work.
+ Proximity sensors can have sub-colliders now.
+ Added new kinds of trigger box colliders.
+ Fixed some minor issues with beam weapons and audio overrides.
+ Dissolve controllers can have multiple renderers.
+ Orbital items can be flat, akin to some other fields.
+ Finished the first drafts of all bosses.
+ Hydrix’s wormholes now have lights and audio to indicate if they’re getting near you.