May 2019, Week 3



Pastaspace Interactive




+ Ambient stars and background ambients can be enable/disabled
+ Volumetric lighting and godrays improved and can be enabled/disabled
+ Improved pause menu options
+ Redid shipdealer UI to work better
+ Trading in your ship works fully and properly now
+ Created solar obstacles: special kinds of solar childs that only get processed in pathfinding
+ Options settings now work properly
+ UI can be recolored freely
+ Can load games from the title screen
+ Consoling or loading games now will set asteroid fields properly
+ Fixed issues when using the console to teleport to other systems
+ Fixed some issues with setting sound effect volumes
+ Added Sparkplatform, a new boss for the demo
+ Fixed some description boxes that didn’t auto-resize
+ Fixed a bunch of issues with missiles, allowing them to work now
+ When the player is targeted by missiles, the missile alert system now goes off
+ Pirate and criminal factions now flee properly
+ Began a redo of multiplayer heavy effects, getting rid of the separate entities for them, and making things much more efficient
+ Doing damage to non-ship entities now fills up the player’s heavy attack bar
+ Added enriched energy fields: basically areas where the player’s gun range is much greater, to help them fight bigger bosses