June 2019, Week 1



Pastaspace Interactive





+ Assassination missions now target neutral factions, and properly display data of who you need to track down.
+ Game now keeps track of your waypoints and restores them on death or transferring to a new station/system
+ Leveling up multiple times in a row no longer spams your message HUD with level up messages.
+ Added the ability to lock players out of systems, mostly to keep people from leaving the demo area
+ Completed quests cannot be tracked via the quest marker system
+ Added more quests and more dialogue to existing quests.
+ Dialogue editing system has more controls and can copy/paste text
+ Quest UI cleaned up: Scrollbar’s faster and works better, dialogue displays the NPC name above the dialogue, etc
+ Quest tracker no longer displays in menus
+ Quests can now be saved
+ Added destruction to certain bosses
+ Fixed issue where the incoming missile UI didn’t stop flashing even when no missiles were left
+ Stormeyes now give the player a message indicating that they were added
+ Can’t retarget a thing you were already targeting
+ Added some additional quest controls
+ Fixed issue where maps wouldn’t load if waypoints couldn’t be handled
+ Fixed a great deal of issues when processing quest events, to start supporting more complicated kinds of quests
+ Player can no longer use other weapon types in highengine mode
+ Fixed missile graphical issues
+ Prediscovered solars now display proper names in the contact HUD
+ Allowed comm windows to be viewed on stations
+ Added ambient creatures: destroyable fauna that’s semi-static and can be looted
+ Added metaphysical ambient barnacle creatures
+ Redid ejection button to look nicer
+ Added item activation abilities for certain objects, quests and otherwise
+ Added translation probes: little balls that let you read ancient alien languages
+ Demo almost ready!