June 2019, Week 2



Pastaspace Interactive





+ Gave demo out to testers, so far response has been positive and some youtubers have approached wanting in
+ Fixed exceptions where physics values were reported as NAN, causing some issues
+ Tons of QOL fixes based on tester feedback
+ Solars can specifically set the distances at which entities begin to dock at them, and lanelines, jumppoints, and jumpgates have had their distances reduced
+ Docking dock… code, redone. Ships will no longer go spinning out if you dock at a close distance at a weird angle
+ Looking at trying to get some better loading stuff in
+ Added additional UI fixes to the main station menus
+ Stations now have the launchpad colliders marked as leave nodes, allowing a player who doesn’t work through the menu to launch to space
+ Fixed a rare freeze that resulted from a while loop that had no limit
+ Added space eyes
+ Added a look around function, mostly used for those space eyes but it has other uses too
+ Added lots more space secrets, in space.
+ Fixed issue where tradable items had a rare condition that caused them to be bought for over 10 billion dollars per cargo unit.
+ Added some restrictions to pseudo-freeflight when over relevant menus
+ Reset some collision properties
+ Fixed some issues when entering vanity mode
+ Fixed some saving issues with quests
+ Kickstarter almost ready to go, trailer’s just got a few more scenes to film