August 2019, Week 4



Pastaspace Interactive




+ New faction UI now displays more detailed information on each faction, as well as recent actions undertaken against or for that faction.
+ Negative reactions are no longer affected by rep gain bonuses, and factions can no longer gain reputation for helping out themselves.
+ Station interiors are now tracked and learned by the player, can be used to track prices and such.
+ New models for beacons and lampposts.
+ Information UI now shows icon of item and is changed for text slightly, having split into two sections and also shows any cargo that you can sell for a profit.
+ New character UI system, functionally the same for the most part, but now juicy and displays the exact stat effects of your character when mousing over.
+ Redid achievement tracker to have a new structure to better track the player’s progress, now tracks what the player has killed and any tasks they’ve completed.
+ Began work on redoing the quest UI. Quests now display their logs in order of objectives (and highlights the current objective in green).
+ Challenges restored but still need a total overhaul. At the very least, they can now give payouts when you complete them.