August 2019, Week 5



Pastaspace Interactive




+ Quests can now be turned on or off in terms of tracking via the quest UI.
+ Created intermediate system for challenges that better tracks their progress.
+ Opening UI windows on a station will properly hide other pieces of the UI.
+ Implemented Veiler battleships.
+ New shipdealing and shiptransfer UIs.
+ Added new flare texture options.
+ Replaced windmills, beacons, and lampposts with new models.
+ Nebulas no longer show up inside other nebulas, accidentally.
+ Added an option for suns to get bigger in nebulae, not smaller.
+ Suns can also be set to be occluded by colliders.
+ Added an option in your inventory to see the best prices of an item.
+ Began adding models for freighters.
+ Money values now have commas in them.
+ Leveling curve redone to be more reasonable, max level requires around fifty million in total character worth.
+ You can now clear waypoints, though mission and quest waypoints cannot be cleared.