September 2019, Week 1



Pastaspace Interactive




+ Engine trails are now longer, testing out visual effects there.
+ Systems now keep track of other systems connecting to them natively.
+ Added more station exteriors, finishing up the Pard systems.
+ Created new alternate flight system.
+ Fixed issue with NPCs spawning too close to stations.
+ Fixed issue where certain freighters were so large they would hit each other while flying
+ Fixed issue where waypoints, though updated, wouldn’t reflect those changes in the UI.
+ Fixed issue where the new camera system would behave oddly when switching camera modes.
+ Increased laneline docking distances and changed their descriptions to actually be fully detailed.
+ Also added proper flavor text for jumpgates and jumppoints.
+ Started work on a tutorial system (like a separate level for the tutorial).
+ Talking NPCs now can have their audio affect aspects of them (for speeches and stuff).
+ Added more models for freighters.