September 2019, Week 4



Pastaspace Interactive




+ Even more station exteriors! All station exteriors are done, for a total of 152 unique station exteriors.
+ Created some more options for suns.
+ Fixed issue where duplicate items in a station’s sell would produce errors and prevent loading.
+ Fixed issue where entering cockpit mode would occlude suns.
+ Cockpit mode now performs admirably in both camera modes.
+ Loose camera mode no longer has weird behavior when going into freeflight.
+ Secondary heavy attack bar properly tracks its own energy.
+ When bars like heavy and friend bars charge up all the way, a small animation plays.
+ Updated models on fixtures.
+ Minor sun pass on demo systems.
+ Docking on a station displays its name on the system name readout… system.
+ Fixed issues with manual docking on lanelines.
+ Fixed issue where cruise readout would report massively overstated charging numbers.
+ Suns now kill you rapidly if you get too close.
+ Space rings now generate ice particles near them
+ Developer console now accepts station IDs for teleporting regardless of case sensitivity.
+ All stations now process collision.