October 2019, Week 1



Pastaspace Interactive





+ Added in all freighters, both to fly and to buy.
+ Added NPC freighters for them to use like a bunch of chumps, and also added them to encounters.
+ Docking points can now have camera overrides when docking.
+ Fixed issue where undocking while in cockpit mode would make the ship invisible.
+ Created new textures for nebulas.
+ When entering or exiting a nebula, the ambient particles fade in instead of immediately disappearing.
+ Nebulas can have ambient light shafts and volumetric light.
+ Changed lightning to take advantage of volumetric light system that was just mentioned.
+ Entering highengine mode causes a brief juice shake.
+ Fixed undocking issue.
+ Player can now select and load the tutorial from the start menu.
+ Did a directional lighting pass on all systems without suns.
+ Made models for a cruise liner.
+ Fixed issue where some station bounds were improperly set.
+ Added docking rings to all stations and gave them proper names and descriptions.