October 2019, Week 3



Pastaspace Interactive





+ Separated out leveling logic from pilot logic.
+ Set out bonuses for spaceships.
+ Fixed more issues related to all the new RPG code.
+ Did a ring pass on all planets with rings.
+ Nebulas can now have their puff colors be randomized from a list of colors.
+ Redid train movement entirely to be more trainy.
+ Worked a bit on mineable asteroids to help them fit and look better when it came to their equivalent systems, including smaller sizes, more dust variation colors.
+ Adjusted skill bonuses slightly.
+ Fixed issue where NPCs queuing for docks would fuck it all up.
+ Made another battleship.
+ Adjusted jumpgate effects to fade better and to properly set docking distances.
+ Console teleportation now matches the rotation of the thing it teleports to.
+ Added generic hardpoint types, which can fit any slot of any level, for NPCs.
+ Began work on robot-buddy slots.
+ Added the auto-turret, which shoots things automatically with a beam weapon, doing minor damage but costing energy and disabling energy regeneration while it’s active. This is the first of the robot-style equipment pieces to be added.
+ Added tech that prevents a ship from regenerating energy.
+ Corrected some missle angles to be a bit more accurate.