October 2019, Week 4



Pastaspace Interactive





+ Allowed for non-projectile sources to have damage-doers, for edges cases where certain weapons deal damage directly.
+ Autoturrets now curve and bend spacetime to fire their shit.
+ Active equipment tab now works properly for non-gun items, and reflects the state of objects that are on or off.
+ Player can no longer save on stations.
+ Began work on the decal system, for decals.
+ Ship customization hangar now has zooming and panning behaviors.
+ Fixed issue where some ships didn’t have stats properly set.
+ Fixed some UI issues with the dialogue system’s buttons.
+ Fixed issue where giving money to the player wouldn’t properly work.
+ Did some basic audio balancing.
+ Performed some optimization work on projectiles, removing some superfluous parts of them and adding less detailed versions of them for NPCs.
+ Added new fish tech.
+ Added new models for space drones.
+ Buying or selling commodities causes the price of that commodity to go up or down, until suchtimes as it can be produced or consumed. Also adjusted the pricing schemes of things so that
+ Fixed some formatting errors that would cause prices to get mislabeled.
+ Fixed some UI button issues.
+ Added cargo containers, which can be used to boost your smuggling and cargo capacity.