October 2019, Week 5



Pastaspace Interactive





+ Created additional mining, fishing, and defense drones.
+ Fishing drones are static deployed platforms that vacuum up materials.
+ Defense drones are little wingman buddies that offer bonuses when active.
+ Mining drones seek out nearby mineable asteroids and loot them, transferring the cargo to you.
+ Created tech to let miningboxes know what they have inside themselves.
+ Added additional parameters to damage to let destroyed solars not drop loot (for cases when the player didn’t earn it more or less)
+ Fully integrated cargo container components into the game.
+ Added descriptions and comparative descriptions for all these things.
+ Reworked mines to make their logic more uniform with other projectile-based weapons.
+ Added new mine models and effects.
+ Added even more station models.
+ Fixed issue where non-missile items that used ammo wouldn’t show up as using ammo in the UI.
+ Began reworking the UI for some misc station windows.