November 2019, Week 1



Pastaspace Interactive




+ Redid news UI, data center, and mission UI to be in line with all other panels.
+ Did a pass on engine graphics to be more readable and less blindingly bright.
+ Fixed issue where prices weren’t uniform or misreported due to prices being truncated in situations where they should have been rounded.
+ Fixed issue where leveling up wouldn’t give the player all their levels if there was a massive payout.
+ Fixed issue where the player wouldn’t be told they had no cargo space available. It was pretty obvious but still.
+ Added a ship-independent inventory, usually for quest items.
+ Fixed issue where restoring default keys would cause the controls menu to go all fucky for a brief second.
+ Player can now switch between different control types (namely joystick and gamepad).
+ Added basic joystick flight support. It sucks.
+ Separated cargo out into meta-items (acquirable only by the player) and normal items, for things like crafting materials.
+ Redid jumpgate effects so that tunnels could twist and turn.
+ Minor optimizations done.
+ NPCs can now spawn mid-laneline and have effects for warping in and leaving lanes.