November 2019, Week 2



Pastaspace Interactive




+ Created a random object place in the editor, for placing random objects in a line with offsets. It’s good for pathways and such.
+ Made it so that there exist recipes that only show up if the player has some of the items for them. Usually used for object repair.
+ Fully integrated the meta-inventory into the game, along with the saving and loading of such.
+ Added asteroid objects, data structures that mostly keep track of their stats for better optimization, replaced old asteroid data with this new asteroid data.
+ Ship style factors are now divided into its intimidation rating and its interest rating, which control various aspects.
+ Added color areas, zones that override color grade settings when entered.
+ Shrank equipment buttons to show more per page.
+ Added additional exterior nebulas and tech for tiling.
+ Jumppoints can now be overriden and also teleport you to random places if set up as such.
+ Did a pass on every sun in the game for size and clarity, also made it so that the sun’s sizes could be debugged and previewed in-editor.
+ Fixed issue where some stations still had some old bits attached to them.
+ Did a pass on all exterior nebula puffs.
+ Fixed issue where NPCs were using mines when they weren’t allowed to use mines.
+ Fixed issue where NPCs spawning on lanelines would be facing the wrong direction
+ Fixed issue where suns wouldn’t grow all the way.
+ Fixed issue where fog would apply itself in places where fog shouldn’t be applied.
+ Train followers now properly go away alongside their train-engine selves.
+ Fields can now limit how long it takes between laneline spawns.
+ Asteroids outside of their fields no longer spawn in, and field clearings also optimized.