November 2019, Week 3



Pastaspace Interactive




+ Fixed further issues with laneline spawns.
+ Ship debris can now flicker and blink as its lights go out.
+ Overrode jumpgate point settings so that they spit you out on specific axes.
+ NPC ships now also spawn around points in these cases.
+ Fixed up the random object placer some more.
+ Added new laneline types.
+ New game settings now save properly.
+ Linked up some game settings to work fully.
+ Items and buying items now require reputations from a faction to purchase under some circumstances.
+ Added space deer.
+ Scannable items can now give out items as a reward, and meta-items now drop (very very rarely) from ships.
+ Did a pass on nebula interior puffs for size and shape.
+ Adjusted size of mine effects.
+ Countermeasures now work properly.
+ Location of mine and countermeasures on ships adjusted.
+ Npcs can now use missiles and mines.
- Npcs can now use all the missiles and mines.