December 2019, Week 1



Pastaspace Interactive




+ Worked on colliders for asteroids, optimizing and making them all nice and stuff.
+ Fixed issue where incoming missile would chase the player after warping to a new system.
+ Tweaked AI presets to launch mines much less often, and also to take advantage of ammo counts.
+ Asteroid ring exteriors now delete their base objects after building.
+ Greatly optimized asteroids by combining similarly materialed meshes together into a single mesh.
+ Worked on new explosion types.
+ Replaced all fighter and freighter explosions with the new ones.
+ Tweaked effects for ships that catch fire.
+ Made mineable asteroids spin faster, move faster and will decouple their effects when destroyed.
+ Missiles and mines can now be shot down.
+ Target closest enemy now targets the closest ship, rather than accidentally targeting stations.
+ Battleships now have the correct icon but also show up in the correct categories.
+ Redid asteroid textures to better fit new asteroid graphics.
+ Fixed issue where entering a system wouldn’t clear the asteroids in a possible clearing.
+ Docks can now be either based on a point or based on a plane.
+ Docking lights properly hooked up and will disable or enable themselves now.
+ Fixed issue where inputs would still be recognized when the console was open.
+ Created new battleship model.
+ Fixed issue where NPCs would have infinite ammo.
+ Added new pillar models.
+ Godmode now lets you thrust forever.
+ Fixed some places that didn’t have properly set up exteriors.
+ Fixed an incredibly longstanding issue involving 3D skyboxes. I have no idea how I fixed this and I am confused.