December 2019, Week 3



Pastaspace Interactive




+ Added voiceacting to the tutorial.
+ Expanded tutorial popup prompts.
+ Added an override to tutorial prompts.
+ Did more work on the tutorial, mostly double-checking to see if anything was missed.
+ Adjusted camera effects when boosting into highengine mode
+ Made mineable asteroids are easier to shoot at.
+ Did some slight work with fish.
+ Did some optimization work to demo areas.
+ Fixed some UI drawing issues.
+ Changed some elements of the tutorial based on feedback.
+ Alleviated some loading times by staggering out the game’s startup code.
+ Fixed issues with NPC ships getting stuck in lanes.
+ Orphaned damage effects will destroy themselves, figuring that it’s better to die than become a burden to the state.
+ The game will no longer crash when exploding in orbital camera or reverse camera mode.
+ Can no longer pause in situations where you shouldn’t be allowed to pause.
+ Adjusted price of repair costs.
+ Aiming at the leading pip now properly curves bullets towards it.
+ Fixed issue where tutorial didn’t have spacedust (spust).
+ Tutorial recharges all the things that need recharging.
+ Fixed some dialogue and dialogue camera issues.
+ Released a new demo.