January 2020, Week 2



Pastaspace Interactive





+ Added a full-autopilot system, which turns off all player controls and instead lets them move by themselves.
+ Fixed issue where best paths wouldn’t set themselves properly.
+ Fixed issue where waypoints could be seen in systems that didn’t have waypoints.
+ Renamed certain equipment to make it clearer that said equipment were upgrades to existing equipment.
+ Larger messages on the message hud now displace other messages properly.
+ Player can review their current mission objective via keys now.
+ New quests that start when the player has no active quest enabled will now self-activate themselves, all sneaky like.
+ Attempting to use weaponry while in cruise mode now plays a sound.
+ Manual docking now works with jumpgates and jumpholes properly, and jumpgates will disable your request if you get too far away.
+ Light flares will now be disabled if the player is too far away, which helps with optimizations.
+ Replaced a shitload of station models.
+ Optimized audio a bit.
+ Fixed issue where loading the game from the title screen wasn’t working.
+ Stations now combine their meshes, again greatly optimizing the game.
+ Added autoturret, fishing drone, defense drone, and mining drone items and rebalanced the existing prices of them.