January 2020, Week 3



Pastaspace Interactive





+ Can now buy AI items on all stations.
+ Redid and optimized models on all minefields.
+ Fixed crash that occurred if the player quit the tutorial.
+ Tooltips no longer appear while in cinematic modes.
+ Went back over asteroid fields, filling out ones that were missing any new asteroid variants.
+ Added in some missing descriptions to stations and fields that were missing them.
+ Jumpholes can now fail and dump the player in places they don’t want to be dumped.
+ Jumps can set their fade out colors, jump effects are less subtle.
+ Systems can be marked as psychologically incomprehensible, which scrambles on them.
+ Fixed various UI errors when jumping to new systems, to make transitions cleaner.
+ With a few exceptions, all systems with jumpgates have jumpholes to them now too.
+ Added jumpholes to missing connections and moved those jumpholes around to properly fit with the system’s designs..
+ Fixed up various clearings a bit to have more uniform checks on themselves.
+ Added activators to stations: basically things that can be frobbed for various effects.
+ Created new button and lever models.
+ Fixed issue where some station meshes had the wrong materials.
+ Finished making models for all non-campaign capitalships.
+ Began working on redoing all non-HUD UI graphics