January 2020, Week 4



Pastaspace Interactive





+ Continued working on the new UI, added scanlines and new graphics and a bunch of stuff, it’s neat.
+ Fixed issues with item duplication and wrong referencing in navigational UI.
+ Fixed issue where comms UI couldn’t exit out of end-choices.
+ Trading UI now displays what kind of NPC you’re trading with and will properly return to camera modes when not looking at equipment.
+ Added more effects to the player marker, which now also sits on station points when docked.
+ Solar systems now track their dockable solars.
+ Added new optimization tech for the game, a global and generic mesh combiner, and a grid/bubble that culls objects when the player is not in it.
+ Redid graphics for salt columns to be in-line with the others.
+ Cleared issue where some stations didn’t have docking points or had null mooring points.
+ Certain mission types now properly display their main object upon undocking.
+ Fixed issue where waypoints were doubling up in situations they shouldn’t have been.
+ Replaced docking rings with their updated graphical versions and properly assigned docking data to them.
+ Added readable books, command prompt terminals, and readable emails.
+ Added space stairs, space archway ruins, and space reeds.
+ Greatly optimized nebula exteriors and laneline portals.