February 2020, Week 1



Pastaspace Interactive





+ Input can now remap controls without issue, including handling conflicts and allowing any button type to be input for any action, among other things.
+ Keybinds can now be saved.
+ Fixed buyable ship icons to be rotated all correct-like.
+ Removed old keybind code.
+ Added testing star systems and stations, developer areas that can easily get me all the equipment and shit I need.
+ Tooltips now show the keybinds of any command they’re linked to, if they have them.
+ UI windows now won’t scroll when over relevant data.
+ Asteroid exterior map tech combines itself, saving on performance.
+ Added more character models.
+ Redid minefield explosions to be in-line with the rest of the new effects.
+ Redid asteroid exterior models to work properly with the new system.
+ Added new bosses and “boss collections”; systems to handle bossfights that are actually multiple enemies.
+ Fixed contact button issue for items that change categories.