When It Hits the Fan

August 2017, Week 1

+ Better font
+ Internationalization/Localization support
+ All levels and all bosses are done
+ settings/prefs saved between sessions
+ Level Intros are more IN YOUR FACE
+ Boss Intros are more IN YOUR FACE
+ Mostly doing cleanup before release. Look for release within the year

July 2017, Week 1

+ All levels "done" from a gameplay standpoint
+ Working on the final boss
- Motavio help me, I'm almost there

May 2017, Week 1

+ Added all of Hell except boss
+ Added basic "shading" to levels
+ Fixed some annoying control issues
+ Added bugs, fixed bugs

February 2017, Week 4

+ Added Devil, Alien hulk, lava spitter, red imp, blue alien, black robot, flamethrower turret,
+ changed tank boss behaviors for more challenge and more bullets
- attempted to add shadows but it looked ugly