House Keeper

April 2017, Week 4

+ Made a leve editor for myself... it's not perfect and might have been a waste of my time.

April 2017, Week 2

+ New office tiles
+ New shotgun enemy that chases you, different shooting patterns depending on slowmo or not
+ Tweaked slow-mo and movement AGAIN
+ Added loot drops, currently only money
+ Changed hud
- Started on a level generator, can do nodes and layout but cant really figure out how to make it build the world
- Really need to do menus...

March 2017, Week 5

+ Drew explosion
+ Drew powerup
+ Drew tiles for a new environment
+ Adjustments to AI

March 2017, Week 4

+ Drew new tiles wall and floor tiles
+ Fixed bugs in movement
+ Fixed other bugs related to AI

March 2017, Week 3

+ Camera lerp
+ Pathfinding
+ AI adjustments
+ New third enemy, shotgunner
+ gameplay balance tweaks post demo day