Pushy Cmulko

September 2017, Week 4

+ Poking the rendering system to make the camera work with maps greater than 16x16
- It's not easy to make efficient
- Incomplete implementation makes the game into an abstract art piece sometimes

September 2017, Week 3

+ New animation system
+ Sinkable cubes and fillable water
+ Particles
+ Working fullscreen toggle

September 2017, Week 1

+ Been reading about AI and writing down how to tie all my different tiers of AI together in my game
+ General ideaguying, especially on victory conditions in different level types
- Uni exams so no coding

August 2017, Week 4

+ Worked on pathfinding a lot, have multiple algorithms
+ Tried getting Cython to work for eternity
- Going to need an eternity more

August 2017, Week 3

+ Fixed some rendering quirks that cut off moving sprites
+ Collision, but hitboxes need work
+ Eggs now exist and hatch into monsters
+ Rudimentary monster pathfinding
- No animations reimplemented yet, will have to create a whole new system for that

August 2017, Week 2

+ More progress on UI
+ General movement function for objects complete and the player movement works with it
+ Pushing and destroying blocks works again

August 2017, Week 1

+ Started remaking the code from scratch
+ The graphics are like a billion times faster already
+ Started on HUD, portraits and some additional graphics
+ Terrain layer - in the future, this will be used for the levels to not only have regular snow terrain, but also water that you can drown in etc.
- Started remaking the code = need to reimplement everything that I had so far

July 2017, Week 4

+ More graphics, including animations!
+ Monsters with botched A* pathfinding AI (better than unfucked A* for this game, I noticed)
+ Monster eggs bobbing about
+ Started on UDP networking
+ Started on UI
- The pathfinding is occassionally bugged and monsters go through blocks for no reason on those occasions, I wasn't able to find out the cause yet
- Will have to redo almost everything soon, code is completely spaghetti atm
- Code isn't compatible with the networking yet, another reason why I'll have to redo everything

July 2017, Week 3

+ Literally everything, which means:
+ Player movement
+ Static blocks
+ Moving blocks due to action of a player, and their collision
+ Hittable objects (future monsters)
+ Cute cat sprite and pretty neat ice cube sprite
- 2 moving blocks collision is bad, but workable for now